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Thoughts, like clouds, come and go, but behind all that mist the sun is always shining.


I believe there is an intelligence behind life that is constantly trying to feed and inform our human experience.  I believe that the orientation of this intelligence is to direct us to live life to its fullest creative potential. I also believe that the the best way I can put a word on how this intelligence shines through is to call it wisdom.


My first role as coach and trainer is to point my clients in the direction of this wisdom and help them see how their minds work.  It’s not such a hard ask. There are many examples of this wisdom in action. The only real challenge is that people can get way too attached to their own stale thinking, and are unable to see how the intelligence behind life is a much better resource for getting their needs met.  This is where I underscore the value in recognizing the illusory nature of thought and suggest that this is how people limit themselves. It can be a hard nut to swallow, but when people get this, the scope for positive change is immeasurable.  

There are no methods or special techniques. I connect with my clients in a very honest and human way, and then we talk about the role of thought and how it either frees or limits us. It’s a conversation that never gets old, but more importantly, it’s a conversation that allows people to slow down and see something new. Slowing down may not seem like such a big deal, but it’s the best way to have insight.  

As my mentor George Pransky would say, "Insight is the coin of the realm when it comes to seeing how the mind works." Through insight 

our field of vision widens and we become more and more attuned to the truth of our essential nature.  When this window opens and we  pull back the curtain of our own illusionary thinking all that is left to see is wellbeing.  This is the sweet spot , or access  point to the aforementioned wisdom. The gateway to whole new levels of understanding and optimal performance. 

As far as I am concerned, I am less a coach and more  a guide.  We are all able to have insights, and we all come from the same source. The key is to understand this and recognize that we all have an internal compass point leading us towards wellbeing. This is our essential nature! Our true north.

From the defense industry to women's retail. From the federal prison system to the world of sport.  From couples and individuals, to groups large and small. From anxiety to depression, from insecurity to addiction. I have seen, firsthand, how this understanding is relevant in all sectors, and I would love to share it with you!

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